Best Laptops for Machine Learning [2019]

There are many factors that should be considered while talking about Best Laptops for machine learning. Rather than the laptops for everyday use, best laptops for machine learning should have a lot more specifications along with the best features. As machine learning is tough, so it requires tough as well as durable machines. With the […]

How to Clean iPad Screen [ 2019 Guide]

Today’s question comes from a sense comment about how to Clean iPad screen. Clean your iPad screen, never utilize any sort of cleaning dissolvable, for example, Windex or comparable concoction items. Utilize just water. In a perfect world, use water with a build up free scratch safe material (microfiber is ideal) to clean your iPad […]

Nokia 7.1 Review: Best unlocked Phones under $500

If you were to ask me which phone is the best unlocked phones under 500 dollars, I’d straight out tell you that it’s the Nokia 7.1. When I originally bought the Nokia 7.1, my expectations from it weren’t really sky-rocketing. Pretty standard, your everyday phone necessities related expectations.   However, once I got to actually […]

How to Connect Samsung Phone to PC [Solution 2019]

How to connect samsung phone to pc? Among all the android phones, Samsung is the most used one. Most of the people are using Samsung phones as a replacement for iPhone. Having a variety of features, this device can be connected to PC where media files can be transferred between PC and Samsung phone. When you […]