How to connect android phone to pc via wifi hotspot? Your android phone isn’t just phone however also serves other useful purposes. It’s so many apps that you simply will use to make your life much easier and it always comes across as a life savior. You have vital work to do but you have run out of your internet connection and you don’t know how to get things back on track!

Don’t be stressed such a lot when you have our android phone in your hand then you have the help around the corner too. You have the internet plan running on your android phone then take the assistance of that and save your project. You’ll easily Connect Android Phone internet to pc or laptop using Wi-Fi Hotspot.


How to connect Android Phone to PC or Laptop using WI-FI Hotspot?


 connect android phone to pc

You might have heard the term “Tethering” which will ensure that you can use your android phone internet connection in your laptop or pc. So what exactly is tethering? though tethering you’ll be able to use the mobile data of the phone with any other device be it laptop or pc or tablet for that matter. It also allows you to connect Android Phone to pc or laptop.


  • USB
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth

But we’ll only talk about the Android Wi-Fi hotspot here. Even the USB tethering is also easy and it’s also in the same line as that of WI-Fi tethering. Thus if you’re able to get the Wi-Fi tethering then you’ll get the USB tethering too. If you want to connect Android Phone internet connection for your laptop or pc use then you’ll need a laptop or pc that has Wi-Fi enabled in it and of course an Android device.

 connect android phone to pc


Now, moving on to Wi-Fi here are the steps that are involved in it:

  • In this method also you’ll have to go to the wireless and network first where you will find more settings.
  • Select more settings and you’ll be given the option of Tethering and a portable hotspot that is present under the network option.
  • You will see a button to enable the portable Wi-Fi hotspot, click on it and it’ll be green in color which means that it’s been enabled.
  • Now hold the portable Wi-Fi hotspot and click on it to induce the configure portable Wi-Fi hotspot pop up
  • Here you’ll be able to set the Network SSID and there are other blank boxes of security and password.
  • For the password option, you’ll use the default one.
  •  It’s time for your pc now, you have to pick the network icon that seems in the windows notification.
  • Here you have to pick your android phone’s wireless internet connection and enter the security key that you have entered in your android device and you’re ready to use the internet connection.

So, you have got the option of tethering through USB, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi hotspot. thus whichever suits you the most effective you can select that option and make the most out of it. Currently, you see that your android phone comes in handy when you have to connect android phone internet connection to your laptop, PC, tablet, etc. Wasn’t that very simple and informative to know how you’ll Connect Android Phone internet easily?

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