How to connect samsung phone to pc? Among all the android phones, Samsung is the most used one. Most of the people are using Samsung phones as a replacement for iPhone. Having a variety of features, this device can be connected to PC where media files can be transferred between PC and Samsung phone. When you connect Samsung phone to pc, this device will allow you to browse and transfer files easily. Many of us desire to share images, audio files, videos as well as many other media files with friends and family. But then we come to know that our PC or computer can`t be connected with the Samsung phone.

There are many ways and steps to connect Samsung phone to PC as:

File Transfer Normal Way

USB debugging:-

First of all, go to the settings of your Samsung phone and turn on the USB debugging to connect Samsung phone to PC.

Take a USB cable:-USB debugging

USB cables “Universal Serial Bus cables” act as connectors. Must come with your device, if not then purchase the one which is compatible with your charging slot.

Connect Samsung device to PC:-

Connect your device to PC by plugging the smaller end of the USB cable into the charging slot than plugging the wider one into the USB slot of the PC.

Select Folder to view files:-

First, locate your device on PC and then you have to double click the icon or folder that represents your device on PC.

Transfer or Browse files:-

You can drop, drag as well as copy-paste your files on PC`s desktop from your phone. You can also drop, drag and copy paste your files from PC to your phone. In this way, you can browse or transfer your files from PC to phone or from phone to PC.

Remove or Unplug USB cable:-

At last disconnect, your device from PC after transferring the files, close all the windows and remove the USB cable.



connect samsung phone to pc

Android File Transfer

In android file transfer, you connect your phone to PC through Wi-Fi. It is more convenient than using a USB cable for file transfer.

Step1- Download Android Transfer:-


By clicking the download button, download or install the program on your PC first to connect Samsung phone to PC.

Step2- Program Launching:-

By clicking the “Connect now” button which will be in blue, launch the program on your computer.

Step3- Connect Samsung Phone to PC via Wi-Fi:-connect samsung phone to pc

There are two options for connecting the PC on the pop-up window as Connect through USB or Connect through Wi-Fi. So select to Connect through Wi-Fi to connect Samsung phone to PC for file transfer. Then scan the QR code with your device for further proceedings.


The above steps will surely help you to connect your Samsung phone to PC but if your USB cable or device is troubleshooting than you have to follow the things discussed below:-





  • USB cable troubleshooting:-connect samsung phone to pc

Use the cable that came with your device as it is best to use. You also have to follow or check some following things related to your USB cable which are:

  • USB cable should not be broken or worn down. It should be free from any kind of damage.
  • The speed of the cable for PC should be fast enough.



  • Samsung Device troubleshooting:-

  • Directly plug the USB cable from the phone into the PC without using any USB hub, adapter or dock.
  • If your PC has multiple ports for USB then try each of them for seconds to recognize the connection of your device.
  • Your device should be ON and unlocked.
  • Check the mode of your device as you should check whether your USB is on file transfer mode or on cable charging mode.
  • Select the MTP or File Transfer options.
  • Computer`s device driver:-

If the computer is still unable to recognize the device after being plugged in then there may be an issue of computer`s device driver.

  • Update device drivers:-
  • First press Windows button on your keyboard.
  • Than type Device Manager and select applications.
  • Find USB controllers of Samsung driver.
  • Right click on the USB Composite Device driver of Samsung phone.
  • And then select the Update Driver.

USB debugging

  • Your phone and computer should be within the same network while connecting Samsung phone to PC.
  • Your device must have an app for the scanning QR code.
  • Download QR code from Google plays if you don`t have any app for QR code scanning in your device.
  • To scan hardware changes, use device manager.
  • Restart your computer or check whether USB cable is working or not in order to connect Samsung phone to Pc.

You can easily transfer files and data in between Samsung phone and PC. When they are successfully connected to each other, with one click you can share images, videos, audio clips, and many other media files.


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