In its simplest type, a Post Hole Digger may be a device wont to dig or bore out a deep hole appropriate for putting a post within the ground. However, these handy devices are often used for over simply a post. They’re astonishingly effective at removing dirt from somewhat hardened soil for planting or amending and might be wont to produce larger-sized holes in addition as single post holes. They will even be wont to facilitate begin trenches for doing irrigation, or different similar deep dig tasks.

There are two essential styles: Post Hole Digger that bore out a hole, and people that scoop out a hole. Either means you decide on to travel, it’s an excellent way to move soil for your current project.

But why would you wish a post hole digger if you’ve got a shovel? This contains a ton to try and do with the dimensions of the outlet you create. a customary shovel head goes to form a much larger hole than you would possibly want, which implies that the soil around your post goes to be softer from being moved. Whereas that won’t build plenty of distinction if you’ve got loamy, soft soil to start with, for people who have hard-packed clay soils it actually will. If your soil is incredibly solid or contains a ton of rocks, Post Hole Digger is a necessary tool to own.

One of the most effective things a few post hole digger is that this powerful and precise tool can create lightweight work of what would ordinarily be a very wearing job and it’ll facilitate your to induce all of your dig tasks done quickly so will complete yours comes.

How to choose the most effective Post Hole Digger:-

To be able to find the most effective post hole digger for your outdoor chores, you would like to consider the kind of digging comes that you simply need to do and what type of soil you’ll be digging into.

Do you have light-weight, medium-duty or heavy digging tasks to complete? Light-weight to medium comes like digging the occasional hole for a mailbox, repairing a tiny low fence, planting little bushes. Perhaps you have got larger scale comes like putting in a replacement fence around your property, building a replacement deck, or planting lots of trees.

What kind of soil or parcel of land can you be working with? Soft, loamy soil that breaks apart simply, or is it clay or rocky soil, or parcel of land that has a ton of tree roots that lie at a lower place the surface?


Types of Post Hole Digger:-

Whether you’re willing to use brute force or would favor a touch mechanical aid, there’s a choice which will work for you!

Manual Post Hole Digger:-

A manual Post Hole Digger is primarily designed for light-weight to medium-duty tasks, although there are some manual Post Hole diggers that work well in tougher soil. The manual Post Hole digger can dig holes up to 5 feet deep.

It works best in the soft and loose soil. It has a simple design: two handles that you employ to dig the tool into the ground to pull the handles apart to interrupt up the soil so close the handles along to collect the soil. Once the soil has been unsnarled, and you have removed the soil from the opening, you’ll be able to then suit your fence post or tree into the freshly created hole. This kind of digger needs no gas or electricity to function and you are doing not should worry about the noise level.


Gas Post Hole Digger:-

If you’ve got a bigger hole that you simply have to bore out or rocky soil, you may consider a gas Post Hole Digger. These are primarily hand-held augers that bore out a spherical hole. They’ll simply dig even the hardest-packed clay. Drilling out the post holes for your fifty-foot fence is a breeze with one in all these. Additionally, a gas model is that the best post hole digger for rocky soil, because it usually has enough power to move the rocks out of the approach.

Typically created of steel, there are variable blade widths accessible. The wider the blade, the wider the hole you’ll be able to bore. Most of the commercially-available gas augers don’t bore a lot of deeper than 3 feet, however, that’s lots for most yard work.


Electric Post Hole Digger:-

If you like a large number and fume-free approach to hole digging but still need that powerful performance, an electrical post hole digger could be an excellent selection. even though you’ve got to remain close to an influence supply or use a special heavy-duty power cord, an electric digger, just like the Go plus Post Hole Digger, has unlimited power. Therefore, it’s ideal for digging into rocky soil and even ice.

Electrical models are quite kind of like gas models, simply while not the noisome gas fumes. These are nice if you’re at intervals simple vary of an influence supply, and have a tendency to run considerably quieter than their gas counterparts. However, if you’re putting in new fencing on the fringes of your multiple-acre property, you will realize it tougher to urge power to wherever you’re at.

Electric post hole diggers even have a range of augers obtainable, with variable blade widths and similar choices to gas models. However, weight-wise they’re concerning the identical as a gas model.


Difference between a Manual one and one with a motor:-



Manual One:-

These manual diggers are a scooping mechanism which needs a touch muscle. They’re nice for light-weight to medium-level digging. If you’re wanting to plant a tiny low bush or tree, are extending your irrigation trenches, or are building a fence, these ought to work well for your desires.

Manual Post Hole Diggers are primarily a combination of bowed blades on the top of 2 long handles. The bowed blades can prevent into the soil. You’ll then pull the handles outward and raise to require a deep utter of the bottom, lifting the soil out of the approach.

A manual type of digger would require some muscle and physical effort, particularly if the digger gets stuck in clay-based soil, therefore if you have got back, arm or shoulder issues, you would possibly need to consider an automatic digger.


Automatic (one with a motor):-

Most automatic hole digger have either a two or 2.5 H.P. engine or 1200W/110V motor for an electrical model, which may turn out a maximum of 250 rpm and loads of rotating torque. With this a lot of power and force, the digger will be able to move plenty of earth quickly and has the ability to form plenty of holes in an exceedingly short quantity of your time.

There are other vital things to stay in mind. A manual form of digger would force some muscle and physical effort, particularly if the digger gets stuck in clay-based soil, therefore if you’ve got back, arm or shoulder issues, you would possibly wish to consider an automatic digger.

A quality manual or automatic post hole digger should have blades or a touch that’s created out of best durable steel, which gives it that additional strength for digging into the hard ground and make the holes you need. As against manual diggers, associate automatic digger might include interchangeable 4, 6, 8 or 12- inch auger blades, thus you may have plenty of digging skillfulness.

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