Sometimes, you are surfing on the internet and you feel your phone is pretending to be slow, you ignore such situations as a matter of your phone lacking in performance but your phone is slow on the internet. You need to know the reason?. Here you go, we have the reason why is my data so slow on my phone.

Why is my Data so Slow on my Phone

1. Poor Wi-Fi signals

This could be the reason that your Wi-Fi is not providing enough signals to attain good speed over the internet, this tends your phone to push more efforts to gain signal strength that ultimately result in slowing your phone. You can do this directly on an Android phone, using the Wi-Fi Analyzer app. If you’re on iPhone, you need to do it via a laptop instead.

2. Slow VPN connection

VPN is virtual private Networks, sometimes they are auto enabled and they cause the phone to slow down while using the internet. But this can be solved by disabling the app from auto turn on when connected to the internet from app setting of your phone. You can change the server from an app that will also make a difference.

3. Ads running apps

There are many apps in your phone which are running in the background and continuously refreshed this causes why is my data so slow on my phone. Mostly they are not visible you need to restrict its access from app setting of your phone to not allow those apps to burden on your processor. It happens when you give access to an unverified app that installs many other applications in the background which is continuously draining the battery as well as slow the phone in a performance. You can also use apps like CCleaner to clean cache files frequently that were created by apps while its usage.

4. Slow 4g coverage

All of us prefer Wi-Fi over cellular data because it is cheap and less drain battery but in some cases. You are out of range of Wi-Fi so you use cellular data. Your service provider can have a limit in providing the bandwidth of the internet. And sometimes you are in an area where the signals are weak and the internet is not working properly this tends to slow down your phone while posting a story on Instagram or Facebook. You can switch to some other carrier if you are facing poor coverage problem often.

5. Low on storage

Might be possible your phone is running out of storage space and as a result, the apps are overloaded with cache files that compel the phone to run slow on the internet. SD cards can be brought into use for this purpose or you can convert your data into your laptop and other external media once your phone storage is filled.
Some apps like Whatsapp have auto files download option you can switch it off to prevent download of unnecessary files in your phone. As a result of cleaning your phone, you will notice a big difference before and after and your phone will not be longer slow on using the internet.

6. Factory reset

Why is my data so slow on my phone? Sometimes, your phone has hidden junk files and viruses that are the cause of slowing. Your phone but you can delete them easily neither by removing the irrelevant app nor by cleaning the cache files in such case you need to factory data reset your phone to experience the speed and fast internet surfing as it was you bought it new.
To factory reset your phone first of all backup all your data but hang on do not backup app data as it will again cause slowing down your phone even after factory resetting so do not backup app data.
After backing up data, go to your phone settings and look for factory data reset and then select the option of “erase all content and settings”. This will refresh your phone and no slower phone on the internet.

7. Your phone is slow itself

At last, if all above are not the answer to why is my data so slow, it can be your phone itself the real problem which is not capable of receiving high internet bandwidth. You can have a look for a new phone to solve this issue. Electronic gadgets with the passage of time lose their reliability and star lacking in performance after a certain usage. And you have also heard of many brands slow down their old models purposely to boost the sale of new cellphones in the market.
If you have made a decision to change your phone then don’t go with the same series or brand tag, in fact. Look for something that fills up your requirements like as if you are a gamer and like to play games on your phone then a slow phone will definitely breakdown your momentum if it slows down.

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